The iKaaz app, is the simplest way, to send and receive money to people.

You don’t have to share any personal & confidential details like bank account numbers, card information

Money is debited from the sender’s card just like any POS transaction and credited to the receiver’s bank account.

No, we feel like loading money into another account is poor experience for a variety of reasons. Therefore, with iKaaz you don’t have to load money anywhere. You just have to link your existing card to your iKaaz account and transact with people.

All details that you provide are highly secure and store in PCI compliant platforms with Banking grade security. The app itself has no information and no personal and confidential data is saved within the app. In addition to that, any communication between the app & the platform is highly encrypted and secure.

All you need to do is download the app from ikaaz.com/app, register and start using it. You will be asked for some basic information like mobile number, email ID and a couple of questions during the sign up process.

You can send money to anyone who has an Indian Mobile Number. The recipient is expected to have a bank account so that money can be credited to his or her account directly.

No you don’t need any information besides the receiver’s mobile number to send the money

We recommend for faster and simpler transactions, you save your card. It reduces the need for you to specify numbers over and over again.

Don’t worry; your details are as safe as a bank! We don’t store your card details in the app. everything happens on a highly secure bank grade cloud platform. A highly secure token on a PCI certified card vault are accessed only at the time of the transaction in a highly encrypted way. Only the last 4 digits are available in the app.

You can very much do a transaction without saving your card. You can provide your card details at the time of the transaction and not save it.

That said, your experience significantly improves if your card is safe. Nonetheless, it isn’t mandatory to save a card.

When you save some additional details into your account like card info, bank account info, we ask you set a 6 digit passcode which we recommend you are aware of. This will be asked whenever you try to open the app.

Don’t worry; none of your card information is saved in the lost phone or in the app! Also since you have a passcode, no one will be even to access your ikaaz mobile app. In addition to that, you can go to ikaaz.com and to change your password or even sign out of the app.

Yes, you absolutely can reset your passcode. As a measure of security and authentication, once you click on forgot passcode, we will ask you to login to your ikaaz account with your password that you used while creating your account. You can then specify your new passcode

Yes, in the rare event you forget both your passcode & ikaaz account password, we will send you a link to the registered email ID specified at the time of registration, you can follow steps to reset your password & subsequently your passcode.

Yes, absolutely! You can specify the card details as a part of any of the flows for that particular transaction. You are free to even save the card if you would like. Currently you can save up to 5 cards and chose the any of those cards for a transaction. In case you don’t specify any particular card, your default card will be chosen for that particular transaction. You can also change the default card at any point in time.

We need to process the transaction and credit the money directly into your bank accounts, hence we request you to share your bank accounts details so we can deposit the money that you have received into your account.

We process transactions 3 times a day and if your bank details are available with us, the money will be credited to you in the next cycle we have scheduled.

No, if you have received money from anyone, all you need to do is make sure you are registered with iKaaz and have provided a bank account to deposit the money into your account

Yes, absolutely! Just go to the wallet section of your app, and specify which is your default account, and subsequent money will be transferred to that particular account.

If you are requesting money from someone, you can specify which account it needs to be deposited to even if it isn’t your default account.

It’s really that simple!

You may be charged a small fee if you are sending money to a friend. This fee if applicable will be shown when you are about to confirm a transaction.

If you are using the iKaaz to pay at a merchant store, you will not be charged any fees, so go ahead start using it in stores more!

On a few rare occasions, the operator doesn’t immediately accept a recharge or a bill payment. If that happens, we will show the status of the transaction as pending and check for the status next business morning. Your transaction may have gone through in which case, you got what you wanted. In case your transaction has failed, we will refund the money as per our refund policy

In some cases, the operator confirmations take a little bit of time. If you find yourself in such a scenario, you are welcome to contact our support team at ikaazapp.support@ikaaz.com with your queries and we will be sure to respond with the status of your transaction

There are some cases in which you will get a refund. All of these are clearly explained in our ‘Refund Policy’ section

The person that you have sent money to needs to register at iKaaz and also specify their bank details to iKaaz for the money to be deposited into their account. If they don’t do that within 3 days from the time you sent the money, we will initiate the refund process for you as per our ‘Refund Policy’

If the transaction has failed, we will be initiating a refund for you as per our ‘Refund Policy’

It is upto your friend to actually send the money to you. If he or she does so, and you have provided correct bank details, you will get the money!

Yes, for your convenience, we have an activity hub within the app where you can go and check all the transactions and their current status as well. So please make sure you check it out!

You are welcome to reach out to us anytime with your queries & concerns. Please rest assured, we will address it. Just drop us a note at ikaazapp.support@ikaaz.com and we will respond within 24 hours.

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